Will Kids Enjoy Batanes?

June 3, 2010

Will Kids Enjoy Batanes?

My husband and I went to Batanes March 2010, right after school. The kids were not with us. I didn't think they will enjoy the isolation and the nature tripping in Batanes. There's no TV at Fundacion Pacita, where we stayed. Internet connection is intermittent, meaning it comes and goes with the wind. We had a Smart Bro plug it but the connection is also difficult once the wind starts to blow. Smart has a good signal all throughout the island, but the Globe signal disappears occasionally. For kids who want to stay connected with their friends during out-of-town trips, this is not a situation they will like. Batanes is all about nature tripping and peace and quiet. There's nothing to do in the evenings after dinner.

So we decided not to bring them. We took our vacation, rested and enjoyed our time alone with each other. What is great about staying at Fundacion Pacita is it's fantastic view of the Pacific ocean and the hills. You don't have to go out of your room to enjoy what Batanes has to offer.

What Couples Will Enjoy
  • isolation
  • peace and quiet
  • great views at your private view deck (if you're staying at Fundacion Pacita)
  • proximity to Manila: only 1 1/2 hours away by plane
  • totally different climate and weather from Manila (Batanes is nearer Taiwan than Manila)
What Kids Will Enjoy
If you have no choice but to bring your kids with you, there are things they will also enjoy, like:
  • walking on top of Naidi Hills or Marlborough Hills while wrestling the strong winds (not your ordinary wind but signal no. 3 winds)
  • riding the fallowa to Sabtang. It is known to be a rough ride and will beat your ordinary amusement park ride. Just make sure they drink Bonamine the night before. The fallowa is designed to cut through the waves. So it doesn't look like your ordinary banca or outrigger. The route to Sabtang is the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the South China Sea so the waves will be rough.
  • swimming at the beach in Nakabuang beach in Sabtang during summer, but it's too cold to swim during the spring
  • picnic under the Nakabuang Arch at Nakabuang beach
  • fishing
  • building stone blocks at Valugan Bay
  • sitting on the boulders at Valugan bay near the waves
  • running down the hills of Marlborough hills
What Kids Will Not Like
Here are the things your kids may not like about the place. This is to prepare you so you can provide alternative activities for them.
  • no internet: just bring your own laptop and a Smart bro plug it for those times when you are lucky enough to catch the signal
  • no TV: bring an MP3 player or a laptop loaded with videos
  • no fast food meals: call and order in advance at Pension Ivatan. They need at least 1 1/2 hours to cook what you order. There are no pre-cooked meals in Batanes. So the kids will find it  unusual not to be able to have cooked food the moment they feel hungry. Another option is to call and have pizza delivered by Casa Napoli.