Holidays in the Philippines

November 18, 2010

Holidays in the Philippines

People often refer to the Holiday Economics Law (RA 9492) to find out when the regular holidays and nationwide special holidays are observed in the Philippines. However, with the addition of the Eidul Adha holiday with the enactment of RA 9848 last December 2009, we now refer to RA 9848 as the most recent law on regular and nationwide special holidays. Below is the list of non-working holidays in the Philippines

Regular Holidays

New Year's Day-January 1
Maundy Thursday- Movable Date
Good Friday- Movable Date
Eidul Fitr- Movable Date
Eidul Adha- Movable Date
Araw ng Kagitingan
(Bataan and Corregidor Day)
- Monday nearest April 9
Labor Day- Monday nearest May 1
Independence Day- Monday nearest June 12
National Heroes Day- Last Monday of August
Bonifacio Day- Monday nearest November 30
Christmas Day- December 25
Rizal Day- Monday nearest December 30

Nationwide Special Holidays

Ninoy Aquino Day- Monday nearest August 21
All Saints Day- November 1
Last Day of the Year- December 31

NOTE: With the new government of President Aquino, we don't know whether we are celebrating the holiday on the day itself or the Monday nearest the date, as the law provides.  Check out my article on 3 day long weekends in the Philippines.