Dauis Church

January 19, 2011

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Dauis Church
(known as Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption)

Where it is located
Panglao Island is the island where Alona Beach and most of the beaches of Bohol are located. Bohol is a province and Panglao Island is part of the Bohol province.

The island of Panglao is divided into 2 municipalities: Panglao and Dauis. Because the island is named Panglao, it is often forgotten that Dauis is also located in Panglao island and is one of its municipalities. 

In Panglao Island, there are 2 major churches, each one located in each municipality. They have Panglao Church and Dauis Church. If you are staying at Alona Beach, Panglao Church is  around 15min tricycle ride from your location. Dauis Church is nearer the bridge linking Panglao Island and the main island of Bohol

In 2009, Dauis Church was declared a national historical landmark by the National Historical Institute. The historical marker above is translated as follows:

"Dauis Church Complex: It is composed of the church, the convent, the watch tower and the belltower made of corals. 

1697: It was built by the Jesuit priests as visita of Baclayon and became the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption.

1753-1758: The convent was built by Fr. Joseph Nepomuceno, S.J., which became the official residence of the Jesuits from Loboc from . 

1768: It came under the Recollects. 

1774: The belltower was built by Fr. Santiago del Corazon de Jesus, O.A.R.

1885: The fences was strengthened as defense against the invasion of the Moro.

1863-1879: The present church was built by Fr. Julio Saldana, OAR.

1919-1923. The church was finished by Fr. Natalio del Mar with paintings by Ray Francia and Canuto Avila.

August 23, 1923: It was inaugurated by Msgr. Juan Gorordo of Cebu.

During World War II: The convent became the shelter of nuns from Tagbilaran City.

August 15, 2004: The church was declared the Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption.

This is an example of neo-gothic and neo-classical architecture.

The convent

The side of the convent

The back of the convent, also at the back of the Church.
The land beyond the waters in the foreground is the main island of Bohol.
Remember, we are at Panglao Island right now.

The large tree forms a huge canopy. Wedding receptions and parties are held here underneath the tree. Lamps are hung on the tree to illuminate the guests dining underneath it.

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