Hinagdanan Underground Cave

January 20, 2011

Hinagdanan Underground Cave

Where It Is Located
It is located in Bingag, Dauis. Dauis is one of the 2 towns of Panglao Island. The other town is named Panglao

What Kids Will Like
If you want your kids to have a taste of how it's like to be inside a cave without intimidating them, this cave is a perfect place to introduce them to caves. The cave is not too deep or very hard to navigate. But it has the same air of mystery that bigger caves have. 

For the elderly: They will not find it difficult to enter the cave because there are no slippery steps. But you have to be very careful since the cave entrance is not well lighted.

Note: Tatsky, our guide for the city tour, hired another person to guide as through the cave. He is very adept at adjusting our camera to the right settings to be able to capture photos inside the cave. 

Entrance of Hinagdanan Cave

Stairs going down to Hinagdanan Cave

The cave opening

Inside the cave

The belly of the cave

Drawings made by a movie production who shot a movie inside the cave

This is the cave stairs that leads to the entrance of the cave