Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR) Flies to Vigan

February 16, 2011

Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR) Flies to Vigan!

Starting February 25, 2011, SEAIR will fly direct from Manila-Vigan. This is great news since Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And before the launching of this route by SEAIR, the only way to access it directly from Manila is by two ways:
(1) by taking a 9-12 hour long road trip; or 
(2) by taking a Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific flight to Laoag and then taking a 1 1/2- 2 1/2 hour land trip from Laoag to Vigan. 
Now, there is a third option. With the launching of this route by SEAIR, visitors who want to visit Vigan for the weekend and maximize their time can fly direct from Manila to Vigan via SEAIR. Flight time is only 1 hour, and with SEAIR's schedule, you have two (2) full days already to explore Vigan. 

Right now the flights offered are as follows:

Fri, Sun: 230pm departure from Manila-330pm arrival in Vigan
Vigan to Manila: 
Fri, Sun: 350pm departure from Vigan-450pm arrival in Manila
Check out what UNESCO world heritage sites you can see in Vigan here.

NOTE on airfares:
Manila to Vigan (roundtrip) via SEAIR is around 5000 pesos ++
Manila to Laoag (roundtrip) via Philippine Airlines is around 4000 pesos ++
Manila to Laoag (roundtrip) via Cebu Pacific is around 2500 pesos ++.

At least with the opening of the new route, foreign visitors with limited time in the Philippines can have Vigan as an option. And for domestic travelers, the schedule allows us to have Vigan as a weekend vacation option.

Below is a sample booking of the Manila to Vigan flight