Manila International Airport: How to get a Metered Taxi

April 13, 2011

Manila International Airport: How to get a Metered Taxi

The Manila International Airport (officially known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA) has 4 terminals:

1. NAIA Terminal 1: the main international airport where foreign carriers land, except Nippon Air.
2. NAIA Terminal 2, or the Centennial Terminal: exclusively used by Philippine Airlines (both domestic and international flights)
3. NAIA Terminal 3: the newest terminal used by Cebu Pacific (both domestic and international flights), Air Philippines and Nippon Air
4. NAIA Terminal 4, or Domestic Terminal: the oldest terminal and the original international airport. It was built in 1948 and currently used by Zest Air and Southeast Asian Airlines (Seair). This is called by the locals as a the Domestic Airport.

Check out the website of the Manila International Airport Authority for detailed information.

The location of the metered taxi in the different terminals are shown below: 

For an interactive map of NAIA terminal 1 arrival airport map, click here 

For an interactive map of NAIA terminal 2 arrival airport map, click here

For an interactive map of NAIA terminal 3 arrival airport map, click here

For an interactive map of NAIA terminal 4 arrival airport map, click here

How to get a metered taxi:

1. After claiming your baggage, you go out the arrival exit gates, and find the metered taxi counter, where you can queue for a taxi.

Entrance to the metered taxi counter

Metered taxi is color yellow

2. Inform the man on the coupon taxi counter  of your destination. Then he will give you a white dispatch slip shown below. The dispatch slip contains information about your destination and the plate number of the taxi you are riding. 

3. Upon riding the taxi, make sure that the taxi driver flags down his meter. Otherwise, if he refuses to do so, get off the taxi and find another one.

Meter rates:

Just to give you an idea of taxi cost
As of April 2011, the trip from the airport  to the Fort (Taguig City) or Makati is around P160.00.

My tip:
1. Keep the white dispatch slip given to you for the following purpose:
a. in case you have complaints about the taxi,
b. in case you accidentally leave something behind.
2. The moment you ride the taxi, make sure that he puts on the meter. In case he doesn't or refuses to do so, you can easily find another one in the vicinity of the airport. If you wait till you're outside the airport to check, it will be harder to get off the taxi and find another one.

3. Make sure to have small peso bills with you when riding a metered taxi, to avoid the situation when the taxi driver may not have change for you. Bills broken down into 100 peso bills is good enough.


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