Manila International Airport: Metered Taxi v. Coupon Taxi

April 21, 2011

Manila International Airport: Metered Taxi v. Coupon Taxi

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To be able to choose whether to take the metered taxi or the coupon taxi, I will make a comparison. I hope this helps you decide what to take.


1. Coverage
The metered taxi can only go to destinations within Metro Manila. 
2. Number of Passengers
The number of passengers that this taxi can comfortably accommodate is 3 passengers, excluding the driver. This taxi option only offer sedans and not vans.
3.  Luggage capacity
The luggage compartment of a regular car can only accommodate 3 medium sized luggage.
4. Rates
Rates are based on the taxi's meter. Flagdown rate is P70.00 and P4.00 after every 300 meters. For example: taxi cost from the airport to Taguig City or Makati City is P160 pesos compared to  the fixed rate of the coupon taxi of P440.


1. Coverage
The coupon taxi can  destinations within Metro Manila and the provinces. To see the destinations covered, see the following: Metro Manila, provinces, hotels.
2. Number of Passengers
The coupon taxi has both a van and a car. Therefore, if you are a large group you can choose to take the van  so you can all ride together.
3.  Luggage capacity
Since a coupon taxi has vans available for hire, it will be the best option for you if you have large luggage or several luggage that would not normally fit in a car's luggage compartment.
4. Rates
Rates are fixed. 
Check out fixed rates  at the following destinations:Airport to hotelAirport to different areas of Metro ManilaAirport to provincial destinations
My tip: When my kids were small, we rode the coupon taxi because we needed to ride together in one van so my husband and I can help each other supervise the kids and take care of the luggage. Only the coupon taxi offers a van that could fit all of us. These days, since 3 of our four kids are teenagers, we can separate and use 2 metered taxis instead, Hiring 2 metered taxi is still cheaper than hiring 1 van coupon taxi. And our kids are fairly independend and can even help with the luggage.

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Anonymous said...

7APR2012: okay, this is it. when i arrive at naia2 i have two choices, the coupon airport taxi (P330) or the yellow airport taxi (initial flagdown rate is P70) , actually a man carrying a booklet of receipts of the supposed fare approached me and asked me where i am going, so i told him, pasay victory liner terminal. he said “$18 dollars lang sir” , okay, that offer simply does not work. he thinks he can do a rip-off. so i declined. anyway, i simply choose the yellow taxi. so they are located on the far right (as the coupon/white taxis are on the left.) so i memorized the taxi’s body number (pretended also to check the plate number), went in and then we go. i had a little chat with the driver because he keeps asking questions. anyway, i told him im from taiwan, (not canada). hehe. baka kikilan pa ako neto ng canadian dollars. anyway, this was a sabado gloria morning so not much traffic on the route actually. we arrive at the victory terminal, i checked the meter, it reads P273. which i think was a normal read but it turn out to be suspect of cheating i tell you. anyway, i went out of the taxi. took out all my baggage and then paid him P300 (tip included lol). so if i used the coupon taxi which charged P330, and im pretty sure the driver would ask for a tip, say i give him, P50 so i will in theory pay P350 on the white taxi so i think its a better option just to use the yellow taxi.

25APR2012: anyway, coming back again, (vacation in pinas is over na) this time, from pasay victory liner (inside), i rode another yellow airport taxi which just landed a passenger from the airport going back to naia 2 (centennial terminal) and initially i thought that the driver used the long route because it took a long time (oh well traffic) and when i get out of the taxi when i was in naia2 already, the meter reads only, i mean only fuckin P190. remember, i rode a yellow airport taxi that has a meter reading P273. but this time its only P190, i gave the driver P30 tip to make the fare P220. during the trip, he also asked where i am headed, and i just told him “abroad” i dont want telling to strangers where i am going because i am not asking directions. LOL. anyway, he did not bother asking anymore questions!

Anonymous said...

hi there im ariving at 5am at T1 is there any money changer at that time where i can get my peso,and the fares u stated to cavite dasmarinas is about 1000 pesos for coupon taxi is still the same today?

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