Cebu Pacific Lite Fare: Hand or Carry-On Baggage

September 5, 2011

Cebu Pacific Lite Fare: 
Hand or Carry-On Baggage

When you book online, all fares offered by Cebu Pacific are lite fares. This means that fares that you see online when you click the booking facility show fares that do not include checked baggage. For fares to include checked baggage you need to pay an additional amount either upon booking online or at the airport. Note that the checked baggage fees at the airport are more expensive than prepaid baggage fees paid online.

What baggage is included in Lite Fare?

One (1) hand baggage is included with the following specifications:

1. The dimensions of the hand baggage must be as follows:
  • for airbus flights: 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm
  • for atr flights: 56cm x 35cm x 20cm

2. The weight must be:
  • for airbus flights: 7 kilos
  • for atr flights: 5 kilos

NOTE: Since Cebu Pacific travel regulations do not mention if you are allowed a handbag or laptop bag in addition to the hand baggage, I called the Cebu Pacific customer service hotline to inquire about this matter. In other airlines, in addition to hand baggage, you are also allowed to carry a handbag or laptop bag. Customer service replied that I am allowed to carry a handbag provided the total 7kgs.

Updated October 13, 2015!!!

To check for yourself updates on the policy below: go to and put in the box under "Ask a question or enter a topic": how many pieces carry on

Cebu Pacific FAQ as shown in the photo below states that: 
"One carry-on bag is allowed for each guest.  The dimension of the bag must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm on all Airbus flights and 56cm x 35cm x 20cm on all ATR flights, and must not weigh more than 7kg for Airbus (A319, A320, A330) and 5kg on (Caticlan) ATR flights. 
Guests will be allowed to carry additional items on board such as handbag, coat, laptop bag, camera bag, cane and crutches (for Senior Citizen and/or Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) guests).

What actually happens at the Manila International Airport?

1. Upon check-in, they only inquire whether or not you have checked baggage. They do not check the weight or your hand baggage.

2. Prior to entering the area where you pay airport fees, which is before entering immigration, a Cebu Pacific personnel stationed at the entrance inspects your hand baggage from afar to see if the size is within limit. If you have wheeled hand baggage, this same personnel carries your hand baggage to feel the weight, if it feels like it's just 7 kilos. They let you go in and pay airport fees if they think your hand baggage is light enough to feel like 7 kilos. They do not use a weighing scale. If you have a backpack, they do not inspect or carry it at all.

3. Before boarding, there is no longer a weight inspection. But they do offer to check-in your hand baggage for free if you wish to have less baggage to take care of while on the plane. If you plan to take up this offer, make sure your baggage is with lock, and properly tagged with your name and address.

My tip to overcome the 7 kilos weight limit:
1. Use a backpack as hand baggage. They do not inspect the dimensions or handle and weigh the backpack. But make sure to carry it in such a way as to look like the weight is just 7 kilos  so as not to arouse suspicion and 

2. If you're using a wheeled hand baggage, make sure it is within the 7 kilos weight limit. So that when the Cebu Pacific personnel stationed at the area prior to entering the airport fee section handles and carries your hand baggage, it will feel like 7 kilos. You can put the additional weight in the handbag you are allowed to carry. They do not inspect the weight of your handbag.

What actually happens at a foreign international airport?

At the Bangkok airport where I took my most recent Cebu Pacific flight, they do not at all weigh the hand baggage. As long as the dimensions are within the size limit, they presume it is just 7 kilos.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information based on your travel experience in Bangkok, they were very useful for me as a first timer to travel in this place with a lite fare.

Meanne said...

You're welcome! I enjoy sharing information. And I'm so glad when it becomes useful to people. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback.

Anonymous said...

i booked a flight to manila this june..i just availed of the hand carry luggage,if ever i decide to bring more,can i avail of the PEB anytime before my flight?

Anonymous said...

Does the airline allow hair dryer and shaver in the hand carry luggage?

Unknown said...

Hi. Do they allow perfume on hand carry bag?

Meanne said...

Hi Rochelle:
They allow perfume as long as it's within the 100 ml size limit. After immigration, they xray your hand carry bag and inspect.

Shinel said...

Hi Meanne, does the procedure that happen in Manila still the same as now?

Unknown said...

Hi my wife And I we are going on a trip this coming Thursday, we are allowed only 7kls. Of bag each, we have our separate bag pack, is she allowed to bring an extra handbag for her personal things like for other woman always with their hand bags. Thank you

Meanne said...

In additiion to the 7 kilos carry on luggage, guests are allowed to carry additional items on board such as
1. handbag
2. coat
3. laptop bag
4. camera bag
5. cane and crutches (for Senior Citizen and/or People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) guests).

They do not weigh and include in the 7 kilos limit the said 5 items I mentioned.

Unknown said...

Is there a size allowed for handbag?

Anonymous said...