Manila International Airport: Location of Terminals

December 23, 2011

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Manila International Airport: Location of Terminals

The Manila International Airport, also known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, has four (4) terminals. Unlike other international airports, these terminals are not near each other. The distance between terminals are as follows:

Terminal 1 to Terminal 2: 
1 kilometer
Terminal 1 to Terminal 3: 
5.8 kilometers
Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to Manila Domestic Terminal
2.5 kilometers
Terminal 2 to Terminal 3: 
4.8 kilometers
Terminal 3 to Manila Domestic Terminal: 
3.7 kilometers

Although these terminals are far apart, they do not have their own runways. They share one primary runway. So when an airline encounters a problem while on the primary runway, all flights in these four terminals will be delayed. 

The map below show the location of the four (4) terminals:

A: Terminal 1: where all international flights land except those of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Nippon Air
B: Terminal 2: where all Philippine airlines flights land, whether domestic or international
C: Terminal 3: where all All Nippon Airways, Cebu Pacific flights (domestic and international) land and Air Philippines flights land
D: Manila Domestic Terminal: where all Zest Air, Southeast Airlines and Sky Pasada flights land