The Best Room at Fundacion Pacita

April 26, 2012

The Best Room at Fundacion Pacita

The best room at Fundacion Pacita is the Idawud Suite. This is the terrace room on the left side of the main building. When you book online, one of the accommodation choices is terrace room (main building). There are 2 terrace rooms in the main building: the one of the left and the one on the right of the dining room area. If you're traveling as a couple, or just 2 in a room, the room with the best location is the Idawud Suite (sometimes called the Sophia, or the upper sunrise terrace suite). See the location of the Idawud suite in the photo below:

Encircled above is the location of Idawud Suite 

Why is the Idawud Suite the best room at Fundacion Pacita?

The private view deck in the Idawud Suite has both the view of the sea and the rolling hills.  
The other terrace suite is on the right side of the building and only has a hillside view.
This is the view from the personal viewdeck of Idawud suite


You can watch the sunrise from the comfort of your bed.
Since the window at the foot of the bed faces the east, you can watch the sunrise without leaving your bed. 

The foot of the bed is by the window.

This is the sunrise view from the foot of your bed


The Idawud suite is conveniently located beside the main dining room of the main building. 
You don't have to walk a long way to take your complimentary set breakfast. You just open the door of your room and you're at the dining room. The more expensive premier suite is located at another building a few meters away from the main building so it's a bit inconvenient walking far from one building to another to take your breakfast, especially when there are strong winds, which Batanes is usually known for. The premier suite has the same view as Idawud suite. But the premier suite is fairly isolated, especially at night. The staff is more accessible when you're staying in one of the rooms in the main building.

This is the dining room of Fundacion Pacita where the free breakfast is served.
The door on the left is the door of Idawud suite


Beth said...

hi, thanks for sharing your experience.

just curious, since the dining room is just outside the door, is it noisy when there are other diners? or when the staff are cleaning?

my partner is a light sleeper so just wanted to confirm about the noise level for the room.

also, what is the approximate price you got for the room? is it cheapest to book directly with them or with a travel agent?

when is a good time to travel to batanes? is december-feb a good time to vist?

appreciate your tips. thanks!

Meanne said...

Hi Beth:

You can hear the other diners when they are in the dining room. Since Fundacion Pacita offers free breakfast. You will hear them at breakfast time. It's too expensive to dine there and choices are limited so most visitors try to eat out at lunch or dinnertime. This means you have to weigh the view and convenience of being at Idawud suite as opposed to noise in the morning.

In our case, we were not disturbed by it coz few lingered at the breakfast table.

We booked directly at their website. But we heard the other people who stayed there are the same time as us got a discounted rate from a travel agent. Best thing for you to do is go their website, get the rates for the time you're there, then inquire with the travel agent so you can compare. The convenience that I liked when booking through their website is instant confirmation on the availability of the room, especially since rooms are limited. Then I emailed them to specifically request the Idawud suite.

Best time to visit is when there's lowest probability of storm. Even without a storm, winds at Batanes is really strong. December-Feb is cold. It's a good time to visit if you like the cold and there are no storms. We were there in March. It's still cold but it's still really nice.

Hope this helps!