How to book Skyjet Airlines to Batanes

August 16, 2012

How to Book Skyjet Airlines to Batanes

At present, there are three (3) airlines flying the route Manila to Batanes. The current status of these airlines are as follows:

Southeast Asian Airlines: They have seasonal flights to Batanes, which means they have flights only during peak season travel, and they suspend flights during low  season travel. As of the time of this writing, they have no flights to Batanes. The reservation officer I spoke with said they may begin flights in October 2012. 
Skypasada Airlines: They have early morning flights twice a week from Manila to Batanes (Wednesdays and Fridays), and afternoon flights twice a week from Batanes to Manila (Thursdays and Sundays). You can book flights online here.
Skyjet Airlines: They have weekly early morning Saturday flights from Manila to Batanes. At present, it cannot be booked online.

How to book Skyjet Airlines:

  1. Call (+632) 635-48-10 or email
  2. Reserve the preferred date of flight by phone or by email.
  3. They will inform you Philippine bank account number where you can deposit your payment.
  4. After payment, email to them the bank details of payment or the photo of the deposit slip.
  5. Upon receipt of payment, they will email to you your e-ticket.

Note: As of this writing, they only have Aug 18, 2012 and Aug 25, 2012 flights. They are still waiting for their permit for September flights.

Right now, the only advantage I see in booking Skyjet airlines, is the availability of Saturday flights during low season travel. The fares are almost the same as Skypasada airlines.

Update on Manila to Batanes flights of Skyjet as of February 2013!! Check out the link below:

Manila to Batanes flights (Airlines, Schedule, Fares)


Anonymous said...

Thanks you very much for your posts :) I find it really helpful. Would you also be able to give rate comparison of these airlines for November? or is it really too early to check it out? May I ask what will be the weather like for November?