Comfort Food at the new House of Minis@ Liberty Center

August 20, 2015

Comfort Food at the new House of Minis
@ Liberty Center

My mom and dad often brought us to House of Minis when we were young. Our ritual would be to buy groceries at Unimart in Greenhills in the morning and then have lunch at House of Minis in Shoppesville.

My dad passed away in 1997. My mom continued going to House of Minis even after he passed away. She loved the food so much that she even brought my children to the restaurant to share her enjoyment of their food. My children now associate House of Minis with their memories of their Lola, and reminisce about what she usually ordered and how happy she was during those times.

My mom passed away last year. In honor of her memory, we decided to celebrate the passing of the year, by attending Mass, then dining at her favorite place and ordering her favorite food. We miss her so much. It was a bittersweet feeling. But somehow, tasting the same food that we enjoyed when we were young, while in the delightful company of our parents, comforted and warmed our hearts. It somehow filled the longing we have for the presence of our mom and dad. Now, we're creating new memories to share with our kids by dining at this place.

Mama would have loved this new branch of House of Minis. Why?

It's spacious and well lighted.

It serves the same food we enjoyed 40 years ago.

Our favorite, the Specialties of the House:
Complete meals with Soup of the Day, Dinner Rolls
and Coffee or Dessert (Ice Cream)

This soup did not disappoint.
It tastes the same as the ones we enjoyed when we were young.  

It's the same simple lettuce salad with thousand island dressing.

My mom and I usually order the mini Porterhouse cooked medium well.
It's still tender and yummy!!!
Finally, the chocolate ice cream for dessert.

It has the same ambience.

We all smiled when we heard the organist play.
It's reminiscent of the House of Minis in Shoppesville.
There's always someone playing when we dined at their Shoppesville branch 

It's the same linen and set-up we used to see,

There's plenty of parking space.


Contact Information
House of Minis
Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard
Tel. No. 672 34 48
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (All day dining)