Manila International Airport Lounge: The Sky View Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3

September 28, 2015

Manila International Airport Lounge:
The Sky View Lounge 
at NAIA Terminal 3

Updated February 2023: Skyview Lounge is now Marhaba Lounge. 

The new Skyview Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 is a pay lounge, which means you can enter this lounge for a fee. However if you are a holder of certain credit cards (like the American Express Platinum Card, the Citibank Premier Miles/Platinum, Security Bank Platinum/World or Diners Club, BDO Diamond Rewards), the  (AND 1 GUEST) are allowed to enter for FREE.

Fee for Entry (if you are not a holder of the cards mentioned above):

800 pesos: fee for adult and children 2 years old and above.

20% discount is applied to senior citizens.

Children below 2 years old are free.

Where it is located: 

At the International Departure area.

NOTE: There is no access to this lounge if you are in the Domestic Departure area. So if you are departing from this airport on a domestic flight, you will not be able to use this lounge.

Departure area is at Level 3. Skyview Lounge is at Level 4, seen above.

This photo is taken immediately after passing the final security check after immigration.

Look above and you see the Sky View Lounge.

You will find the stairs or elevator that goes to Level 4 to your right. Look for the signs. There are plenty of signs to lead you to where the lounges are

Hours of Operation:

24 hours, 7 days a week

Procedure for Entry:

1. Present your qualified credit card and your boarding pass to the counter in front. Or pay the fee if you don't have a qualified credit card.
  • They get your boarding pass to get your flight information. Part of their service is to notify their guests if their plane is ready for boarding.
2. Sign the logbook.

3. You are given the WiFi password.

4. Then you are allowed to enter the lounge.

What You Will Find in the Lounge


Hot dishes area

Chicken congee,
with condiments such as:
onion leaves, fried garlic, calamansi, soy sauce

Vegetable Yakisoba

Sweet and sour steamed fish
Stir fry beef

Steamed rice

Assorted mini sandwiches:

Cheese pimiento sandwich
Beef pastrami pan de sal
Open faced pesto chicken
Tuna salad square
Grilled eggplant sandwich
Open faced tomato and sliced cheese

(I love their sandwiches!!!)


Assorted plain bread
with jam, marmalade, butter and cheese

Assorted pastries

(These pastries are really good.)


Espresso coffee
(Don't miss the coffee. The coffee is really good!!!)


Liquor and Wine

Softdrink, Beer, Juice

Hot and cold water


You can choose to sit on these chairs...

Or take the seat with the view of the runway.


WiFi speed at the lounge




The door to the prayer room is the one at the left


Make sure to arrive at the airport AT LEAST THREE (3) hours before your flight to be able to use this lounge. One (1) hour is spent checking-in and going through immigration, an hour and a half (1 1/2) to eat at the lounge and the remaining 30 minutes is for boarding.