February 11, 2017

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UPDATE AS OF JUNE 26, 2018!!! 
The list of those who can use the courtesy/walk-in lane has been expanded. Even PARENTS and MINOR SIBLINGS of minors 7 years old and below, COMPANIONS of senior citizens and PWD, and MINOR CHILDREN of solo parent with solo parent ID can walk in. 

  • The following can avail of the Courtesy Lane Facility without need of an online appointment:
  1. Senior citizens (60 years and over) with proof of age
    • Senior citizen is allowed one (1) companion
    • The companion of the senior citizen must be an immediate family member, i.e. spouse, siblings, adult children, adult grandchildren, and children-in-law of the senior citizen and must show proof of relationship.
    • If the companion is not an immediate family member, the companion has to show proof of travel arrangements (e.g. confirmed plane or hotel booking) with the senior citizen to be able to avail of the courtesy lane facility.
  2. People with disabilities (PWDs) with proof of disability
    • PWD is allowed one (1) companion
    • The companion of the PWD must be an immediate family member, i.e. spouse, siblings, adult children, adult grandchildren, parents-in-law, and children-in-law of the PWD and must show proof of relationship.
    • If the companion is not an immediate family member, the companion has to show proof of travel arrangements (e.g. confirmed plane or hotel booking) with the PWD to be able to avail of the courtesy lane facility.
  3. Solo parent with valid solo parent card, and his/her minor children
  4. Minors seven (7) years old and below and his/her parents and minor siblings
  5. Pregnant women
    • If pregnancy is not visible, applicant must present medical certificate/records.
  6. Overseas Filipino Workers (Land and Sea based) with valid proof of status, such as:
    • Valid iDOLE card
    • Valid Employment contract
    • Valid Work Visa
    • Seaman's book stamped at international border less than 365 days from date of application
  • Senior citizens, PWDs, solo parents and their minor children, pregnant women, and OFWs have the option to choose from regular or expedited processing of their passport application.
  • The companions of the senior citizens and PWDs, minors seven (7) years old and below, their parents and minor siblings are to be assessed expedited processing fee because they are not entitled to use the courtesy lane; they are accommodated for their convenience.
  • All applications made on Saturdays — whether those entitled to use the Courtesy Lane or those accommodated for their convenience – shall be assessed expedited processing fees based on the relevant provision of the Passport Act. 

UPDATE AS OF JULY 14, 2017: This popped up when I was trying to open www. passport.com.ph.

This clarifies the question on who can walk-in at ANY DFA OFFICE and the document they need to present:

1. Senior Citizen: Senior Citizen ID (no mention of other proof to prove age.)
2. Person with Disability (PWDs): PWD ID or visible disability
3. Solo parent: valid Solo Parent ID (this is new!!!)
4. Pregnant women: medical certificate (what if obviously pregnant? :))
5. Minors below eight (8) years old: ?(I suppose it's the birth certificate or old passport)

NOTE: For news updates as of June 2017, please see the end of the article.

If you wish to apply or renew a Philippine passport in the Philippines, you have to make an online appointment. The earliest appointment schedule you can get in offices in Metro Manila and nearby provinces is at least 2 months from the date you request for an appointment. If you want an earlier date, earlier dates are available for other satellite offices in less accessible places like Zamboanga, Butuan and Tacloban.

Earliest appointment schedule is 2 months from today.

Because of this situation, a lot of my readers are asking if they can get an earlier slot by walking-in at any of the branches of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). If a satellite office is just new or has not configured their system to allow online appointments, they allow walk-in applications for a limited time before their system is configured to allow online appointments.(See the news on Walk-in passport applications at DFA Ali Mall for a limited time)

However, as of this writing, the existing satellite offices are all online so the only way you can apply or renew your passport is by getting an appointment online. 


There is a line in each DFA office known as a courtesy lane. They process walk-in passport applications in the courtesy lane. People qualified to use the courtesy lane can process their passport applications without getting an appointment. They can arrive at the DFA office without an appointment, walk-in, present proof that they are qualified to use the courtesy lane, and then have their applications processed immediately. 

Below is a list of persons allowed to use the courtesy lane: (source: Department of Foreign Affairs site )

• Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission

• Dependent of government employee 
  - Legal spouse 
  - Parents 
  - Unmarried children

• Retired government employees (one year availment)

• Incumbent elected officials

• For barangay level, only the following are entitled: 
  - Barangay Chairman 
  - Barangay Kagawad 
  - SK Chairman

• Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU (Department Legislative Liaison Unit) of the DFA before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane

• Media Personnel must first secure endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane.

• Referrals made from DFA employees (limited to 3 referrals per month) and Head/s of other government agencies must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.

• Minor (7 years old and below)

• Senior Citizens (60 years old and above)

• PWD (genuinely disabled) / with PWD I.D.s

• Pregnant (genuinely pregnant) / with medical certificate

* In case of lost or stolen VALID (not expired) passport (the applicant may proceed directly to the Consular /Division at DFA Aseana without an appointment (http://www.dfa.gov.ph/2013-04-04-07-00-36)

PASSPORT FEE: P1,200.00 (10 working days)
Senior citizens have an optional processing fee of P950.00 (20 working days)
NOTE: All passport fees charged when using the courtesy lane is the same as the express passport processing fee rate. They cannot opt for the regular rate of 950 pesos, except senior citizens. 

I suppose the reason for this is that people using the courtesy lane are in a hurry to get their passport and couldn't wait to schedule an appointment online. It has the effect of filtering people who are really in a hurry to have their passports released and discouraging those who are not in a hurry.

SPECIAL CASES OF OFWS (Overseas Filipino Workers)

OFW's are allowed to walk-in at the following :

1. At any DFA satellite office nationwide, through the courtesy lane 

2. At the dedicated passport center of OFWs located at Robinsons Galleria

Checkout the following news articles:

July 2016 DFA advisory for OFWs wishing to renew at Robinsons Galleria

The announcement that the DFA satellite office in Robinsons Galleria will be exclusively for OFWs applying for passports

You can write a letter request to the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, stating your reasons for asking to be allowed to walk-in and process your passport without scheduling an appointment. Take note, however, that JOINING A TOUR or GOING ON TOUR are not considered valid reasons.

Try DFA Ali Mall. About a month ago, a friend of ours tried to apply for a passport at DFA Ali Mall and was allowed to process it without an appointment. Take note that she went there after lunch and on a weekday. I presume that if they don't have too many applicants, they also allow walk-in applicants. But that's discretionary and uncertain. 


I renewed my passport last June 16, 2017 and interviewed the DFA personnel on the issue of walk-in applications. They informed me of the ff:

1. All passport applicants must get an appointment. Walk-in applications are NOT ALLOWED IN ALL DFA OFFICES, except for the following persons:
a. Senior citizens. Persons with disabilityc. Pregnant womend. Minors 7 years old and below.
Note: I forgot to ask what proof they consider as valid. I'm presuming old passports, birth certificates or any ID bearing date of birth is enough proof in the case of senior citizens and minors 7 years old and below. In the case of persons with disability, I presume the proof of disability is the disability card if the disability is not visible or visible physical disability. In the case of pregnant women, if the pregnancy is not visible, a doctor's certificate may be accepted. 

2. Walk-in applications by OFW's will only be entertained at the Robinsons Galleria satellite office.

3. Walk-in applications by government employees will only be entertained at DFA-Aseana office. 

4. Walk in applications by senior citizens, persons with disability, pregnant women and minors 7 years old and below is allowed in ALL DFA OFFICES. All other exceptions discussed above will be entertained at DFA-Aseana. OFW's will only be entertained at the Robinsons Galleria Office.

Check out my PostMy Experience Renewing My Passport at DFA Ali Mall last June 2017.


jeck merioles said...

Hello! I really need to renew my passport asap because I will be leaving the country because of work. I checked the DFA site and tried to set an appointment but sots are full upto June/July. How can I renew it easily? If write a letter to the DFA Sec. where can I send it and does it guarantee good result? and also, is DFA Ali Mall still accepting Walk-in applicants? Thank you and sorry for asking too much. God Bless!!

Meanne said...

You can try to walk-in at DFA Ali Mall. A friend of mine went to Ali Mall last February 2017 and was able to apply for a passport by walking in.

Unknown said...

Hi! I want to apply a new passport for my 6 month old son. Is courtesy lane available at Ali Mall to process application? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi! I want to apply a new passport for my 6 month old son. Is courtesy lane available at Ali Mall to process application? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Good evening po..

Gusto ko sanang kumuha ng passport..ngaun lng po ako kukuha kaso yung pag set ng appointment is sa july pa.eh gusto ko po sana yung madalian na process po kasi gusto ko within this week follow ako sa friend ko..san po ba pwede kumuha ng passport on rush without an appointment po..thnks

Meanne said...

Yes. There's courtesy lane is in Ali Mall according to my friend who applied in February. Make sure to ask the guard and tell him you're applying for your son so you don't get mixed up with the walk-in line for people who do not qualify to the courtesy lane

Meanne said...

You can apply by walking in at Ali Mall. However I doubt your passport will be released within the week. Rush processing takes 10 working days.

Anonymous said...

According to the list of those eligible for courtesy lane, my 7 year old son can apply thru the courtesy lane. My question is, can we both apply for renewal together thru the courtesy lane? we will both renew our passports.

Meanne said...

Only your son can use the courtesy lane

Anonymous said...

Pwede pa rin po b mag walk in for renewal sa ali-mall??

Unknown said...

Good afternoon po. Need po namin ng family ko na magpaRenew ng passport ngayong MAY. Pwede po ba kami walk in na lang para mapabilis? Pano po ba pag walk in?

Elena Daza said...

Good day, sir / ma'm need ko po kasi mag renew ng passport.,wala po kasi schedule n mkuha this May - June my pre-contract na po kasi ako and need po rush panu po kaya maganda gawin?

christianpablo said...

Miss Meanne, may idea ka ba kung pwede pa din mag walk-in sa DFA Ali Mall or any DFA office? I badly need to renew my passport because I have a flight on June 19 and my passport is set to expire on Dec 9, 2017, hence, the 6-month rule applies.

Thank you

Meanne said...

My last info on Ali Mall was February. You can try to walk-in but I was advised that you have to go there early.

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to ask if the courtesy lane for government employees is available on all branches. Thank you

Audrey said...

Hi! My dad is an elected official. Can I apply my passport by walk-in? He is also considered a government official right?

Unknown said...

Ask ko po kc mgexpire n passport ni hubby s sept..then uuwi sya dz july.. Pano po kami mkpgrenew.. My return ticket n po sya..phelp nman po.. BIG THANKS po

Unknown said...

Pahelp nman po.. Pano po kami mkpgrenew..uwi dz july hubby ko from saudi then aug 9 balik dun.. Sept mgexpired n po passport nya.. San kami pwede mgparenew? Pwede po b walk in? My returned ticket n rn po sya...phelp po..slmat po

Meanne said...

Puede mag walk-in application ang OFW sa DFA Robinsons Galleria satellite office.OFW lang ang nakaka apply doon

Anonymous said...

Good day mam! Ask ko lang Dec 2017 ma eexpire passport ko, yung online appointment ko is Sept. 7 pa. Makaka travel ba ako ng Oct this year? need ko na po ba magpa renew this June? Thank you.

Unknown said...

Good day!
This is my first time applying for a job in abroad but i do not have passport already and the agency told me that i need to present the official receipt and they allowing that to follow the passport for the quick process of my application. I'm asking for where DFA branch in manila accepting walk in applicant because my agency need only the official receipt for now

Unknown said...

Ask ko n rn po f nid pa po uli ng birth certificate mam? Lhat kc not available na ehh..since last month n nghhnap po aq available slot huhuhu...then biglaan lng po sya pinayagan pinagbakasyon

Anonymous said...

Good morning ! I need your help guys, Does anyone here know if I can still apply for Passport as walk in ? The nearest schedule I could get is Aug 3rd week at Calasiao Pangasinan which is really far from Manila :( Please help. Thank you

Unknown said...

Help po. Pwede po ba walk in sa dfa lipa batangas kasi 1st time ko po kukuha eh.

Jhun said...

Good day po. Ask ko lang po kung pwede po ang walk-in applicant for "NEW" passport po sa may Ali Mall?? ASAP po sana kasi po need ko na po talaga na makakuha. Thank you po as advance.

Anonymous said...

Ms meanne ask ko lng f ever pwede sa courtesy lane Ang 7 yrs old below Anu requirements? Tnx

Anonymous said...

I tried booking for an appointment online. All dates are showing to be either Not Available or No appointments. Pano po yun? Thank you

Brandy Carl Fijo Consigo said...

Pwede po bang magwalk in ako doon? Need ko po kasi para sa pagbabarko ko ayun nalang po talaga ang kulang ko. Please reply po kayo. ��

Anonymous said...

Just wanna ask if bakit hindi makapag set ng appointment ngayon sa website ng DFA? Nakakapag access naman siya pero pagdating sa mga Time slots wala siyang available until month of December 2017?? Pwede po bang magwalk-in? Then, saan po pwedeng mag walk-in? Thanks.

Nell said...

Pwede po ba magwalk in sa dfa ali mall. Kahit hnd ka pasok sa courtesy lane?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this very informative site. From here, I've learned much how to renew OFW Passport(walk-in) and other things. More power...

Unknown said...

Thanks for this very informative site. I have learned much.

alvhiejoy said...

tanung q lang po pd po b mag apply ng passport ung rush? nid po with in 2 weeks? thankyou

Meanne said...

Courtesy lane for government employees is only at DFA Aseana

Meanne said...

You can walk in at DFA Aseana

Meanne said...

Rush processing is 7 working days or 9 calendar days, including the weekend.

Meanne said...

You're welcome!

Meanne said...

Thanks a lot!

Meanne said...

Walk in is no longer allowed in all DFA offices, except those qualified to use the courtesy lane

Meanne said...

If you need to get a December slot, go online on September 1. Apparently, they only open slots 3 months in advance.

Meanne said...

OFWs can walk in at DFA Robinsons Galleria. It is the DFA office dedicated to OFW passport processing

Meanne said...

Check out dfa.gov.ph

Meanne said...

You can't walk in at DFA Ali Mall unless you're a senior citizen, pregnant woman, person with disability, or minor 7 years old and beloe

Meanne said...

I was told by DFA personnel at Ali Mall that walk ins are no longer allowed nationwide

D said...

Hi slots for Oct (3 mos from now) still says "no timeslot avail" any idea why?

Meanne said...

Slots for October is now available for booking

Meanne said...

Slots for October is now open

Anonymous said...

hi! tried to walk-in in sm megamall using may solo parent id. The receptionist asked me to file fir appointment

Meanne said...

The receptionist is uninformed. The passport appointment site itself says you are allowed to use the priority lane. Check out https://www.passport.gov.ph. Then show it to the receptionist.