Shake Shack Manila (Megamall branch): My Review

August 20, 2022


Shake Shack Manila (Megamall branch): My Review

The first time I tried Shake Shack was at Shake Shack in Herald Square in New York. That was 3 years ago. At this weekend's movie mania, we decided to try Shake Shack in Manila (Megamall branch). We all agreed that the Shack Burger in New York tasted so much better. Or is it the ambience of being in New York that added to the flavor. 🤔

After tasting the much hyped Shack Burger, I remain a Burger King fan. Just like when tasting wine or whiskey, the first taste is always definitive of the impression it makes. When I tasted Burger King again after the lockdown ended, the first bite was so wonderful I couldn't help but exclaim at how good it was. My first bite of Shack Burger was just ok.

We ordered Shack burger, Double Shack burger, Dark meat hot chicken and plain fries at Shake Shack Megamall. The wonderful Whopper Jr I mentioned above came from Burger King Marcos Highway near Vermont subdivision.

Shake Shack New York

Shake Shack Manila 
(Megamall branch)