Dinner at Pyramid Resort Restaurant at Alona Beach

September 28, 2010

Dinner at Pyramid Resort Restaurant at Alona Beach

Fresh seafood is displayed and sold by the kilo. 
They cook it any way you want it: fried, steamed or any specific recipe you have in mind.

This is a few of the many seafood to choose from. 
On our first day, we ordered steamed lapu lapu, calamares, and for my other kids who are not too adventurous, barbecue chicken.
My tip: For a most memorable dinner at the beach, request the singers going around the beach tables to serenade you with the song Usahay, a traditional Visayan love song. 


English Translation of the Visayan love song "Usahay" 

Sometimes I do find that I dream 
That you and I are indeed in love, 
Why do I keep dreaming of you 
I keep dreaming of you 
In my loneliness. 

Sometimes I really do regret, 
That I should ever be 
Born Iinto this world. 

Why do you keep on belittling 
The great love that I have for you, 
For you alone. 

Why do you keep on belittling 
The great love that I have for you 
For you alone. 

Copyright Manuel Lino G. Faelnar

Other tips:
1. Do not wait until your kids are hungry before you find a place to eat. Restaurants at Alona Beach do not serve fast food, especially during dinner. They only cook the food when you order it. Kids who live in the city are used to fast food. This is one of the things they had to adjust to.

2. Pyramid Resort is one of the cheaper places to eat. I love the fresh seafood cooked to your specification. My daughters loved their barbecue chicken.

3. We spent around 1000-1200 pesos per meal for 6 people. It included steamed fish, calamares, seafood clear soup, 4 barbecue chicken and 7 rice. If you want a cheaper meal, just order the barbecue chicken. The bulk of the cost is the fresh fish I ordered.

No. 19 is Pyramid Resort.No. 8 is Amorita. No 49 is Isis Bungalows. Big thanks to jimspears.net. For further information, go to http://jimspears.net/alona/map.htm

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