How to go Villa Escudero

September 12, 2010

How to go Villa Escudero 

If you have your own car, van or motorcycle , click here to see my article with the location map and instructions on how to go to Villa Escudero. 

This post will address the situation where you don't have your own means of transportation. These are your options:

1. Rent a van or car through Villa Escudero.
Villa Escudero does not own the car or van but will connect you with rental company. The rates are as follows:
  • day rate for car rental, with driver, good for 4 passengers: P3,500
  • day rate for van rental, with driver, good for 11 passengers: P4,700
The payment for the rental can be made at the end of the trip.
My tip: If you're renting a car or van, and the rates are the same with other companies, I suggest you rent the car or van thru Villa Escudero instead because:
  • You won't have to worry about giving directions.  The driver will surely know the directions to Villa Escudero.
  • You are sure of the reliability of the rental company because it comes with the seal of approval of Villa Escudero.
2. Take the public bus to Villa Escudero
  • Go to Jac Liner bus terminal and take the bus going to Lucena, Quezon.  Travel time is 2 1/2 hours. These are the 2 terminals with bus going to Lucena:
2052 Donada Street corner
Buendia Street, Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No: 4042073
Current bus schedule: 1st trip is 5am, last trip is at 10pm, every 30 minutes.
To get the latest bus schedule text JACLINER TIME BUENDIA to 2952 for Smart or 2982 for Globe and Sun. 
2 Mapagmahal Street
Baranggay Pinyahan, Kamias
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: 9276139
Current bus schedule: 1st trip is 2am, last trip is at 9pm, every 20 minutes.
To get the latest bus schedule text JACLINER TIME KAMIAS to 2952 for Smart or 2982 for Globe and Sun.
FARE: P178.00, aircon bus from Kamias or Buendia to Lucena

  • Make sure to tell the driver or the conductor that you are going to Villa Escudero so they can stop right after the Quezon Arch and drop you off there. The gate of Villa Escudero is just after the Arch and at the left side of the Arch.
  • From the point where the bus drops you off, you cross the road to the other side to walk to the entrance. It's a very long walk. It's better to take a tricycle if you see one and ride it to the entrance of Villa Escudero.


waldzrenales said...

When going to Villa Escudero, never ride the red DLTB Bus, you'll be in trouble..

read more here:

fanny_dcatqueen said...


I'm planning to go to Villa Escudero for holiday this June. Reading your blog, I choose taking a bus from Manila to go there. But when coming back to Manila, means that I have to go to Lucena Terninal for catching Jac Liner Bus? Is it far from Villa Escudero?

Thank You for your reply

Unknown said...

No, i believe buses pass right back through the road you got off the bus when you went there.
there's a waiting shed after leaving villa escudero where you can wait for buses when you reach teh road.

Ms.pearl said...


we choose taking a bus from lucena to go there. is there any tricycle we can rent from the gate to the main entrance. thanks for the reply!

Meanne said...

Hi. I don't know if there's a tricycle waiting at the entrance that you can rent to bring you to the gate. Perhaps you can call Villa Escudero directly to inquire about this.

Unknown said...

Hi this has been really helpful! Thanks a lot!!

Unknown said...

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ai wanders said...

Can I also take the bus going back to Manila right where I was dropped off?