Our Day with the Kids at the Underground River

September 3, 2010

Our Day with the Kids at the Underground River

6 AM         
  •  what to bring to the underground river tour:  

    waterproof backpacks, extra change of clothes, cellphone, swimsuit, sunblock, off lotion, coconut oil, hand sanitizer, underwater camera case, underwater plastic case for gadgets, cellphones, wallet, toilet paper, emergency medicines, slippers, bottled water, cookies or biscuits
7AM-10AM: Travel from Puerto Princesa to Sabang River

Buenvista View Deck
     We were picked up by Wildrock Tours at Casa Linda Inn around 7am. Travel from Puerto Princesa to Sabang Beach takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the state of the roads and the number of stops you make. Why go to Sabang Beach? Sabang Beach is the jump off point to the Underground River Park. You ride the outrigger or banca at the small pier at Sabang Beach. The outrigger takes you to the beachfront entrance of the Underground River Park.

     In 2009, the road from Puerto Princesa to Sabang Beach was only paved half-way. Half of the road was rough. We were told by our guide that before a system was started on how to line up to see the underground river, all vans carrying tourists will race through rough roads just to make it to Sabang Beach ahead of the others. He showed us how they did it and my daughter got dizzy. Even then, when roads were rough, foreign tourists were never discouraged from seeing the underground river. We also stopped by the Buenavista View Deck to see the view of Ulugan Bay.

     The road going to Sabang Beach is pretty remote. For those concerned about toilet stops, you will be surprised to find that locals living along that road maintain toilets that you can use for a fee. The guides know where they are located.

10AM-12:00 PM: Swimming at Sabang Beach

     We arrived around 10am. Our guide checked our scheduled boat ride from a list found with the pier management. We were informed that our turn to ride the banca will be at 1pm.

The hut where we stayed at Taraw Resort
    We decided to walk around Sabang beach. We were led to a hut at Taraw Resort. Taraw Resort will serve our buffet lunch.
     To kill time, we did a lot of swimming at the beach. I walked around and explored the nearby Daluyon Resort, which is also along Sabang Beach. In 2009, almost all resorts along Sabang Beach are made of native huts and very basic. At that time, only Daluyon Resort had modern facilities. A big hotel complex beside Daluyon Resort was being constructed and expected to be completed August 2010. I found out that it's called Sheridan Beach Resort and Convention Center.

Sabang Beach

 Left side of Sabang Beach
     Middle of Sabang Beach

Right side of Sabang Beach


If your schedule permits, I recommend you stay overnight at Sabang Beach because the beach is quiet with fine white sand. Daluyon Resort is nice resort to stay in.

12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Lunch at Taraw Beach Resort

     We had our sumptuous buffet Lunch at Taraw Resort. We invited the guide and the driver to join us, especially seeing the amount of food served to us but they declined.
     After swimming, we showered and changed clothes at the toilet of Taraw Resort.

1:00 PM -1:30 PM: Boat ride going to the Underground River Park 

Sabang pier

We went to the pier on the left side of Sabang Beach. We rode the boat and were immediately given lifejackets. They are very strict in the use of lifejackets while onboard the boat.

1:30 PM -3:00 PM: Line up and take the Boat Tour inside the Underground River 

The Underground River Park does not have a pier. So we got off the boat directly to the beach front. 

Entrance to the Underground River Park

We entered the park and proceeded to the paved path to where we board the boat for the Underground River Tour. We line up and take the Boat Tour inside the Underground River   

The Underground River Boat Tour only takes 30 minutes. The length of time you stay at the Underground River Park also depends on the length of time it takes to line up for the Underground River Boat Tour.
The people in charge of the boat tour group you together to make sure you're together in one boat. The system is fairly organized. They provide you with life jackets.

This is where we rode the tour boat.

We are about to enter the underground river

The Underground River

We are now inside the underground river
The unusual rock formation
The cavern inside

The ceiling

At the mouth of the cave as we ended the tour
My tip:
  1. Ride on the first row of the boat if you want to hold the light while the guide talks about the Underground River. The person holding the light also points it to the rock formations within the cave as the boatman explains what it looks like.
  2. Do not look up often and talk at the same time. You might catch the bird poo.
3:00 PM-3:30 PM: Boat ride from the Underground River Park going back to Sabang Beach

4:00 PM: Depart Sabang Beach

6:00 PM: Arrival at your Puerto Princesa hotel/resort/inn

7:00 PM: Dinner 

If you have kids, Check this outWhat kids will like about the Underground River Tour

Expenses for the day:
1. P1500 per person for the tour inclusive of roundtrip transportation from Puerto Princesa to Sabang Beach, lunch,  entrance fees, permits, roundtrip boat transfers from Sabang Beach to the Underground River Park
2. Drinks during lunch
3. Tip to guide and driver (optional)
4. P10 for every use of the toilet at the Underground River Park
5. Souvenir and Pasalubong: I didn't see any worth buying. 
6. Breakfast and dinner for today

Estimated total cost per person for this day: P2,000 per person
Note: If you wish to go to the Underground River without getting a tour, you can get information here


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