How to go from El Nido (Lio Airport) to El Nido Town

January 24, 2011

How to go from El Nido (Lio Airport) to El Nido Town

Distance from El Nido Airport to El Nido town: 
around 4 kilometers

Travel time from airport to town: 
10 minutes

Ground transportation: 
Only tricycles are availble for hire when you arrive at El Nido airport. Tricycle rental costs 200 pesos per way from El Nido airport to El Nido town, or 400 pesos roundtrip. The tricycle has a maximum capacity of 2 persons.

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My tip: If you're 6 or more in a group, ask the resort you booked how much are their airport van transfers. We were charged P600 per way for airconditioned van transfers. Since we were 6 in a group, the cost is already equivalent to hiring 3 tricycles. So for our situation, hiring a van  is the better option. The additional advantages of hiring a van if you are a big group are:

1. If the 6 persons in your group is composed of a couple and 4 kids, you won't have to think about who among the 4 kids will have to be together in 1 tricycle.  Remember that I tricycle can only accommodate 2 persons. By hiring a van, you can be together in one vehicle.

2. Since the van will be hired by your resort, you are sure that the driver of the van knows the location of your resort even before the driver picks you up.

3. You don't have to look for a tricycle and haggle the price upon arrival at the airport. Price is already fixed before you arrive at the airport.

The map below will show you the distance from El Nido airport to El Nido town. 


Anonymous said...

palpak talaga ang pinoy kahit kelan!GAGAWA LANG NG AIRPORT SA MALAYO PA, kabilang dulo! pwedeng pwede namang katabi lang nung bayan.amf

^^ said...

you're out of your mind sir.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it's actually bad design and planning to put the airport near a city/town. If your basis is NAIA, you could see how detrimental it is for both airport and road traffic to be in the middle of the city. Hong Kong actually moved it's airport to a then uninhabited island that requires you to ride an Airport Express to get to the city. Other cities are also following this setup - Schipol/Amsterdam, Heathrow/London, etc.