El Nido (Lio) Airport: How to get a Tricycle to El Nido Town

May 16, 2011

El Nido (Lio) Airport: How to get a Tricycle to El Nido Town

Upon landing at the airport, an airport personnel greets you and inquires about your transportation from airport. As mentioned in my post ''How to go from El Nido airport to El Nido Town ", if you're composed of 6 or more in a group, the better option is to hire a van through your resort. If you are 4 or less in a group, the cheaper option is to take a tricycle. You inform the airport personnel that you need a tricycle to bring you to El Nido town. 

As shown above, sometimes, there's a tricycle already waiting near the airport lounge. 

If there is no tricycle waiting near the airport lounge, you can request the airport personnel to call a tricycle waiting outside the airport gate.

The tricycles are allowed in only after the plane has landed because as shown above, vehicles entering the airport grounds also use the runway to get into the airport's arrival and departure area.

For El Nido Resort guests, they are met by a jeep that brings them to a banca going to El Nido Resort Miniloc or Lagen Island. For all others, they use the tricycle or hire a van through their resort.

This is the tricycle used in El nido
I have seen 4 passengers (excluding the driver) fit into this tricycle. But if you're coming from the airport with medium-sized luggage, only 2 passengers with luggage can fit into this tricycle

Cost of tricycle from El Nido airport to El Nido town: 200 pesos per way
Passenger Capacity of tricycle: 2 passengers excluding the driver
Luggage capacity: 2 medium sized luggage
Distance: 10 minute ride from airport to town
Advantage of using a tricycle: Cheaper if you are 4 or less in a group
Disadvantage of using a tricycle: Non-aircon vehicle so you take in all the dust from the road going to town