Squidos: The Best Restaurant in El Nido Town (Part I)

May 17, 2011

Squidos: The Best Restaurant in El Nido Town
(Part I)

We ate almost all our meals at Squidos during our 5-day stay at El Nido. So we can attest that the food  is consistently good at every meal, and value for money in terms of taste and portion size. 

We befriended the owner, Narcel (standing in the middle), and her 2 waitresses, Chiqui (standing at her left) and Olivia (seated at her right) since we were there almost everyday of our 5-day stay. Each food we tried was good. We just liked it so much we kept ordering the same ones and didn't have time to try the others.

STUFFED SQUID (their specialty): 170 pesos
The stuffed squid has vegetables inside mixed with spices

Mixed Seafood Curry (good for 2): 350 pesos

Citrus Fried Rice (Spicy): 250 pesos
with grilled pork
grilled prawns
grilled vegetables (eggplant, ampalaya, cabbage, red pepper, etc.)
garlic rice

Spaghetti Carbonara: 180 pesos
(serving is good enough for 2)
Narcel's Mixed Seafood Soup with Toasted Bread: 180 pesos

Budget meals posted in front of the door

Below is what the budget meals look like:

Grilled Chicken with Rice

Grilled squid (this is not stuffed) with rice

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My Tip
1. The food takes a while to be served because they cook it only when you order. My advice is that you order food in advance and return to the restaurant after 30 minutes to1 hour. Or you can ask them to call you at your resort when the food is ready. They are also willing to deliver the food to you at your resort within El Nido town. Just ask Narcel, the owner, who's very accommodating.

2. The grilled chicken takes longest to prepare. The grilled squid with rice is the fastest.