El Nido Town Beachfront: A Guide to Location of Resorts and Restaurants (Part II)

May 30, 2011

El Nido Town Beachfront: 
A Guide to Location of Resorts, Restaurants, Dive Centers

From the center of the map (center of the map is Marina Garden Resort) to the left of the map, you see the following resorts, restaurants, dive centers in order of appearance: 

Supply Oilfield Services, Inc

Sea Breeze Island Tour Booking Office

Casa El Nido
  • beach house for rent
  • P3500 per night
  • with 2 aircon rooms, large living room, large panoramic balcony
  • with service staff
  • Mobile: +639198233711

Marber's Restaurant

Casa Buenavista
Balikaw Restaurant and Bar
  • Mobile: +639213112940
These two pictures will show that after Balikaw Resto Bar,
the beachfront disappears already